Managing Director


Zenios Loucas founded Wide Bridges Limited in 2009, out of a personal need to apply all the creative energy within and the need to express everything he has to say in terms of style, craftsmanship and expertise in the Development Sector of the Property Industry. Already, a number of his projects have been very well received among the Real Estate Circles of London and his proven record is welcome by both the buyers as well as the financiers.

Undoubtedly, his inherent understanding of layout, space and light, together with a commitment to appreciate the needs of each client make him stand out of the crowd and claim with pride his share of the success in this field.



Zenios is supported by a team of formidable Architects, and ambitious Interior Designers whose perfectionism can be seen instantly in their completed projects. Nothing is too daring, everything is accepted provided the end result is of unmistakable good Aesthetics and impeccable Style.